Experience your old photos and videos for the first time - again.
PhotoBin's comprehensive suite of digitization
and scanning services brings them to life.
Slides and negatives are neglected in shoe boxes and video tapes are stuffed somewhere in the garage or attic. PhotoBin was born with a passion and commitment to bringing generations of memories to life.
Your personal history fades every day, one photo at a time.
With a suite of digitization and scanning services,
PhotoBin makes these heirlooms last a lifetime.
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    Your personal history fades every day, one photo at a time. PhotoBin’s scanning services make these heirlooms last a lifetime.
    PhotoBin converts the most popular sized slides into digital pictures using state-of-the-art film scanning machines.
    Your 35mm film strips or APS cartridges will be brought to life in high-quality digital pictures and saved on DVD.
    PhotoBin can convert your outdated or unwatchable home movies that are tucked away in the garage or attic to a DVD.
    Let PhotoBin rescue your old 8mm and Super8 film and make it new again. Perfect for sharing with family and friends.
  • OUR STORYFor many, a family’s photos are their most valued possession. If lost or destroyed, photos are something that are truly irreplaceable.

    The founder of PhotoBin almost learned this the hard way. In 2007, his home was threatened and his family was evacuated during the San Diego wildfires that destroyed over 2,000 homes in the area. It was during that time that Steve Weber was inspired to create a company that would help people share, enjoy and preserve their memories, and PhotoBin was started in the spring of 2008.

    On October 21, 2007, I was out of town on a weekend getaway with my wife, when we got a call from a friend informing us that wildfires were burning out of control back in San Diego. We learned that a mandatory evacuation was likely, with the fires heading toward our neighborhood. We were 500 miles away from our home, and the largest fires in San Diego's history were heading right for our house. We caught the next flight back to San Diego. Read more.
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