Photo Scanning

  • PHOTO SCANNING IS THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME. WE CAN HELP.Over time, prints will change color and fade away. Scanning now can save your birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, school years, reunions, events and the vintage photos that make up your family history.

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    Top: Dark Fading
    Bottom: Light Fading

    This photo shows a magenta dye shift

    Why Scan Photos Now?

    We Make it Simple
    It's easy to share a lifetime...your lifetime...with friends and family as a gift, to commemorate a special occasion, or to finally bring together the prints and digital images that tell your family's story.

    Do-it-yourself photo scanning is a pain.
    Scanning a few hundred photos takes about 17 hours. It's great to have your photos scanned, but babysitting your computer scan after scan gets old fast. If the cost is low, and the process is a breeze, why wouldn't you do something with your photo collection now?

    Rediscovering old photos is a blast.
    Sure, there were some fashion faux pas along the way -- those '70s mutton chops were a bold choice -- but that's the really good stuff in life. Photos document your personal history, all the moments that make your life uniquely yours. And it's a blast to remember the people and places that made your life what it is today.

    And here's the thing.
    Your personal history fades every day, one photo at a time. Due to photo processing and storage when your photos were originally taken, your prints are susceptible to fading, color changes, and other types of photo damage, more and more every day that passes.

    And here's one more thing.
    Every year, families lose photo collections due to unexpected disasters, fires and flooding. Photo scanning is an easy way to, once and for all, create a digital archive of your life. And, did we mention, it's also a blast to rediscover old snapshots?

    So why scan photos now?
    It's pretty simple. Chances are you've had some incredible experiences over the years, and they're buried in a box in a closet somewhere. Let us scan those memories for you so you can start sharing them again.

    Prints Fade
    Unless you have museum quality photo storage vaults and know that your photos were all produced on the highest quality paper and processed with stable chemicals, you should seriously consider scanning your photos now.

    Photo Fading and Color Shifting
    The color integrity of your print photos, particularly your prints from earlier decades, depends on storage conditions and the inherent dye stability and resistance to stain built into the paper or film by its manufacturer. And temperature - even moderate temperatures common inside a home -- play a part in the fading of color photos.

    Color fading results from storage in light and dark environments. And older black and white (silver images) are particularly susceptible to air pollutants and environmental contaminants inherent in containers not intended for photo storage.

    Photos impacted by "light fading"
    Light fading is caused by light and UV radiation. Light fading often results in the darker parts of your image staying intact, while the lighter areas appear washed out. This is because the ongoing exposure to light - as well as heat and sometimes humidity - cause a disproportionate loss of density in the lower densities and highlights of the photo.

    Photos impacted by "dark fading"
    Dark fading simply refers to the staining and fading that takes place during storage with an absence of light. The result of dark fading versus light fading is an overall color shift, rather than loss in highlight detail. The color shift is caused by the dyes - cyan, magenta, yellow - fading at different rates, made worse by an increasing level of yellowish stain.

    So how do I save my photo collection?
    The math is simple: Your old photos continue to degrade every day that passes -- particularly those older photos taken years ago when we didn't snap the lens so quickly. To ensure that your photos and history live on far beyond your lifetime, photo scanning is a simple and relatively inexpensive step to preserve your personal story for generations to come.

    Your Photos Are Irreplaceable
    Flooding, fire, theft and computer failure can mean the loss of irreplaceable photos that tell your life story now and for generations to come.

    Picture scanning helps you fight back.
    As seen in the news, personal photo histories and memorabilia are damaged or completely lost year after year, due to unexpected events such as fires, flooding and computer theft. The PhotoBin team is on a picture scanning mission, committed to help every individual protect and share life stories for generations to come.

    It's time to preserve your life.
    PhotoBin can help you protect and share ancestral photos, birthdays, first steps, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, reunions, vacations, and so many other memories with family and friends. Save time, get organized and reconnect with the best times and people from your past.