Mix Pics 350: Scan up to 350, slides, negatives or photos, one low price

Mix Pics 350: Scan up to 350, slides, negatives or photos, one low price

We scan a combination of slides, negatives or photos - up to 350 combined images.

Slides: We accept 35mm (also referred to as 135) and 126 format slides. We scan slides at 1,000 DPI, maximizing for prints up to 4x6. Ultimate resolution is dependent on actual size of originals sent.

Negatives: We accept 35mm (also referred to as 135) and developed APS photo negatives. We scan photo negatives at 1,000 DPI, maximizing for prints up to 4x6. Ultimate resolution is dependent on actual size of originals sent.

Photos: We accept photo sizes ranging between 3”x3” to 8”x10”. We scan photos at 300 DPI.

After purchasing, you will receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase as well as packing tips. Once we receive your package we will email to let you know the order has been received and will be processed. We will email you again once we complete the order as well as the tracking number for your return shipment. The specially trained technicians at PhotoBin’s San Diego facility provide professional services and treat your memories with the utmost care.

  • Service is currently not offered to customers residing in Canada.

Availability: In stock

As low as: $109

Price as configured: $109.00

Price as configured: $109.00

Everything included to scan up to 350 photos: - 1-350 slides, negatives, or photos scanned - Your images stored on a free DVD - Free 30 day trial of a password-protected personal website for photo sharing and cloud back up of your images

Photo Slides & Negatives

May I buy a voucher for negatives?

Yes, you may go to http://www.photobin.com/dailydeals and review the current deal we have in production for our product.

How do I apply my voucher toward my order?

After selecting which product you would like, and progressing to the shopping cart page ( which shows your total and shipping and handling options ). At this page you can enter your Voucher codes in the Blue box located just under the list of your products. Once you enter your voucher code it should adjust the grand total of your order to the correct amount.

How many negatives may I send in with an order?

For customers who wish to scan their negatives, we have several options for you. You can choose from a pack of either 200 or 400 negatives to send in. As well as a new pack we call Mix Pics, which allows the customer to add their choice of either photos, negatives, or slides to a total amount of 200 or 400 ( Mix Pics 200 or Mix Pics 400).

What size negatives do you accept?

We accept 35mm negatives and APS. Click here for our full list of accepted formats -
Accepted Slides and Negatives Visual Guide

How do you return the negatives to me?

Your photo negatives, DVD, CD and/or prints will be carefully returned to you with care packaged in a PhotoBin box.

Can I combine multiple scanning orders in one box?

Absolutely, just make sure all included photos/media to be scanned is properly payed for and has been ordered prior to being sent to our San Diego facility.

How long does it take to get my order?

Please click here for current return delivery times.

How do I apply multiple vouchers to an order??

You may use multiple vouchers when purchasing our products although the following applies: Only one voucher can be applied per shopping cart order. If you have additional vouchers, separate the orders one at a time so that you can apply each voucher into a single shopping cart order. This will generate applicable shipping and handling fees, as well as sales tax per order.

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