Video Pack 6 - Six Home Movies, One Low Price

Video Pack 6 - Six Home Movies, One Low Price

With a Video Pack 6, you can have 6 assorted video cassettes converted to 6 DVDs for only one low price.

After purchasing, you will receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase as well as packing tips. Once we receive your package we will email to let you know the order has been received and will be processed. We will email you again once we complete the order as well as the tracking number for your return shipment. The specially trained technicians at PhotoBin’s San Diego facility provide professional services and treat your memories with the utmost care.

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Price as configured: $109.00

With a Video Pack 6, you can have six assorted cassettes converted to 6 DVDs for only one low price.

After your videos are converted, PhotoBin sends you back all of your originals along with DVDs. You get one DVD per home video. You can order extra copies of all home movies, however individual copies are not currently available. PhotoBin converts all the popular home movie tapes - VHS, Hi8, Digital8, D8, High8, Video 8, VHS-C, VHS Compact, Mini-DV (NTSC & PAL Format), and DVCAM (both NTSC & PAL format). Beta and most other PAL formats not accepted. Film reels are not accepted.

  • Service is currently not offered to customers residing in Canada.

Video Conversion

What type of video conversions do you offer?

PhotoBin converts all non-copyright material for popular home movie tapes. See the list of accepted video formats. See examples of accepted formats.

My Voucher/Coupon will not add to my total.

Please allow 1 business day from the time of purchase prior to applying your voucher code to your shopping cart total. If it has been more than 1 business day since your purchase, please email your voucher code or coupon code to and we will ensure your code is working properly.

I am being charged tax on my PhotoBin order?

Applicable tax may be applied to your order including applicable shipping and handling costs. Tax is not associated with any coupon or voucher code. You will be responsible to pay any costs associated with sales tax for the total cost of the sale.

How many DVD's will I get with my order?

For each VHS or Video you send to PhotoBin, you will obtain 1 DVD. If you would like additional DVD's you will need to advise that at time of your order with an associated cost of $9.99 USD per DVD disc.

May I request Priority Service?

Yes, for orders of 24 videos or less you can order Priority Service for $19.99 USD. Your Video will be processed and converted upon arrival within 3 business days, and then shipped back to you standard 3 to 5 business days.

Can I combine multiple scanning orders in one box?

Absolutely, just make sure all included tapes to be converted are properly payed for and has been ordered prior to being sent to our San Diego facility.

My shipping and handling cost is not accurate. What can I do?

Before checking out, you will see an "Estimate Shipping and Tax" area below your shopping cart, under the voucher box. To receive an estimate of your shipping and handling cost, input your location details here. If for some reason your shipping and handling cost estimate is incorrect or does not match with what your voucher states please email for help.

How do I apply multiple vouchers to an order?

You may use multiple vouchers when purchasing our products although the following applies: Only one voucher can be applied per shopping cart order. If you have additional vouchers, separate the orders one at a time so that you can apply each voucher into a single shopping cart order. This will generate applicable shipping and handling fees, as well as sales tax per order.

May I send in 8MM Film?

Currently PhotoBin does not accept 8mm film reels for conversion, although we do accept 8mm tapes.

How long does it take to get my order?

Please click here for current return delivery times. Currently PhotoBin does not offer Video Conversion outside of the United States.

Which shipping methods can I use to send in my order?

To best ensure the safety and integrity of your items as well as real-time tracking, we only accept UPS or FedEx delivery. Find a UPS location near you. More info on packing and shipping.

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Please email our Customer Service team at Call our Customer Support team at 800-441-3175 from within the U.S. For all calls outside of the U.S. please call 858-869-9900. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.