Video Pack 6 - Six Home Movies, One Low Price

Video Pack 6 - Six Home Movies, One Low Price

With a Video Pack 6, you can have 6 assorted video cassettes converted to 6 DVDs for only one low price.

After purchasing, you will receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase as well as packing tips. Once we receive your package we will email to let you know the order has been received and will be processed. We will email you again once we complete the order as well as the tracking number for your return shipment. The specially trained technicians at PhotoBin’s San Diego facility provide professional services and treat your memories with the utmost care.

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Price as configured: $109.00

With a Video Pack 6, you can have six assorted cassettes converted to 6 DVDs for only one low price.

After your videos are converted, PhotoBin sends you back all of your originals along with DVDs. You get one DVD per home video. You can order extra copies of all home movies, however individual copies are not currently available. PhotoBin converts all the popular home movie tapes - VHS, Hi8, Digital8, D8, High8, Video 8, VHS-C, VHS Compact, Mini-DV (NTSC & PAL Format), and DVCAM (both NTSC & PAL format). Beta and most other PAL formats not accepted. Film reels are not accepted.

  • Service is currently not offered to customers residing in Canada.

Video Conversion

What kinds of videotapes do you accept?

We convert all non-copyright material for the most popular home movie videotape formats (NTSC and some PAL formats). Please see our visual guide of Accepted Videotape Formats for all details. And for more information on shipping your order, please review our Packaging Instructions and apply them as you prepare, pack and ship your order.

How do I package my videos?

Great question! We have detailed, step-by-step Packaging Instructions to follow when you send your order. As we state during your online order, orders must be prepared, packed and shipped according to our Packaging Instructions. If these instructions are not followed, up to an additional $.10 per item will be charged to your order. Packaging Instructions can be found in your Order Confirmation email, which you should receive in your inbox within 24 hours of purchase (check your email’s SPAM folder if you don’t see it within that time frame and call us immediately -- before you send your materials -- if you don’t see it there either). The Packaging Instructions are also included in your Packing Slip within your Order Confirmation. And the Packaging Instructions are also available to you anytime at

Do you accept materials with copyright?

We cannot process copyrighted materials. Please do not send them.

How many DVDs will I get with my order?

For each converted videotape, you will receive 1 DVD. For example, if you send 4 videotapes for conversion, you receive 4 DVDs in return, plus your originals. If you would like additional sets of your video order for gifts and off-site backup, you may add that option during the checkout process. If adding the option after checkout, email us at and we can help you.

Will I be able to play my DVDs on my DVD player?

Video conversions to DVD are intended to be used with a computer with a DVD drive; however, most newer model DVD players will play the DVDs. We have found that some will not, usually older model DVD players (usually 2004 models or earlier).

Can I edit my video files once converted?

Yes, you can. To edit your video files, use a free program such as VLC or other to resave the files onto your hard drive as an .MP4 (or any other file type that you choose). Note that the ripping software may be a separate function than the editing software...newer programs usually combine the two, older programs usually require two steps.

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Please see the other sections of this FAQ page. If you still do not see an answer to your question, please email our Customer Service team at or call 800-441-3175 in the U.S. or 858-869-9900 outside the U.S. Hours of operation: Mon.-Fri., 9:00 am to 5:00 pm., PT.