How It Works

About Video Conversion

Although new video cameras are digital, there are still millions of old home movies stuck in outdated or unwatchable formats, degrading in quality the longer they sit around. We free these memories from tapes and other ancient technology. PhotoBin carefully digitizes old media, making it new again and allowing you to enjoy family movies on your computer, DVD player, Blu-ray and other compatible devices. We securely mail you back all of your originals and shiny new discs ready to watch and enjoy.

About PhotoBin

People often say photos and home movies are their most valued possessions. Yet, more often than not, photos are in albums fading away and browning at the edges. Slides and negatives are neglected in shoe boxes and video tapes are stuffed somewhere in the garage or attic. PhotoBin was born with a passion and commitment to bringing generations of memories to life. With a suite of digitization and scanning services, we make these heirlooms last a lifetime. And our supplemental photo-storage and photo-book creation tools present even greater preservation opportunities. The safe and convenient service combined with our satisfaction guarantee will make you wonder why you didn’t use us sooner.

Please note: To best ensure the safety and integrity of your items as well as real-time tracking, PhotoBin only accepts UPS or FedEx delivery.